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Medicaid in Arizona

Arizona Has Always Done Medicaid Its Own Way

Medicaid in Arizona is known as AHCCCS, a program that leverages the private sector to the greatest extent to provide health care coverage through private health plans that drive market-based innovations and leverage their networks so members receive their care from the same hospitals and doctors as commercially insured Arizonans. The result has been highest quality care at a low cost. This is why Arizona is considered the Gold Standard.

AHCCCS by the Numbers

  • 1.9 Million Arizonans Enrolled in AHCCCS –1 in 4 Arizonans in Medicaid
  • Rural areas rely on AHCCCS coverage. Example: 66% percent of the residents in Apache County are enrolled in the AHCCCS program
  • 400,000 Adults enrolled in the adult group whose eligibility is directly at risk under AHCA o 31% are over the age of 50 o 31% are under the age of 30


Facts & Questions to Consider