It just shows that no matter how bad things seem, there are good people out there who will help.

They never gave up on us…

Who says no one cares anymore?

We invite you to become a friend and supporter of the important work of Keogh Health Connection by giving a monetary or in-kind gift.

Your donation today provides the resources to enroll individuals and families living at or below the poverty level into healthcare, food stamps and cash assistance.

Tap the DONATE button below and be directed to Pay Pal to generate your gift.

Claim the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit when you file your state tax return by reporting the amount you donated to Keogh Health Connection ($400 for individuals and $800 for married couples filing jointly) on Form 321 and get a

100% tax credit for every dollar you donated.  Tap the DONATE button below and designate your gift as a Tax Credit gift and identify your designated tax year.

Many companies in the Valley have programs where the employer will match their employee’s gifts to qualified charities.  Contact your company today to learn if you are eligible to participate in a matching gift program.

If your company does offer a matching program, you may need to provide our Tax ID to direct the benefit to Keogh Health Connection’s programs and services:  20-0251176.

Please contact Claudia Maldonado at  regarding in-kind contributions of printing services or items for the packages we provide at the drive through partner sponsored events.

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