Our History

Karlene-Keogh-22In 2003 Keogh Health Connection was co-founded by Karlene and her late husband Kevin Keogh.
In August 2004 the organization was granted 501(c)(3) status. Since its beginning, Keogh has focused on assisting people and families with children gain access to healthcare, both preventive and emergency.

Keogh’s core program, Health-e-Kids, was launched in 2008 to expand outreach and enrollment for working-poor families in search of access to healthcare and community resources for their children. Health-e-Kids assists underserved individuals and families with access and enrollment in healthcare and nutrition programs. Sadly, during these challenging economic times, families’ needs for healthcare security and food security are even greater.

An Unmet Need

Keogh connects people who survive on little income, usually women and their children who are seeking healthcare and other resources such as Food Stamps (now called SNAP for Supplemental Food Assistance Program). Keogh collaborates with many agencies that have established a trust relationship with working-poor families. Keogh focuses on agencies that help move families forward towards self-sufficiency, such as Head Start, training, and educational programs. Many nonprofit groups that work with low-income families do not provide counseling and applications assistance for Medicaid (AHCCCS in Arizona), SNAP, and other community resources, or help their clients understand and navigate the often complicated process, requirements and choices that make up the Affordable Care Act/Marketplace. Help with these areas is one of the hallmarks of the Keogh Health Connection.

In April 2010 Keogh was awarded the prestigious Blue Ribbon Award from the Collaboration for a New Century. Each year, the organization identifies six “Blue Ribbon” non-profit agencies that have the potential to greatly impact the community.