How we make the Connection


Very early on, we realized that in order to help the people who need help the most, we needed to be in the places where they live, work and already go for assistance, rather than where they felt threatened, intimidated or embarrassed.

That’s why you will find Keogh Health Connection outreach offices and hands on, bilingual, Navigators in community centers, hospitals and clinics, family services organizations, schools and educational aid centers, food banks and more… over 30 locations here in the valley in addition to our main office in central Phoenix.

Here, Keogh Navigators meet with clients to help them learn about, find, and apply for the right healthcare option for themselves and their families, right on the spot.

We are dedicated to helping families understand and navigate the often complicated process, requirements and choices that make up The Affordable Care Act/Marketplace. In addition, approximately 70% of our clients apply for SNAP (Formerly Food Stamps).

For our consumers who do not qualify, our Navigators direct them to community resources such as food banks, free medical and dental clinics, Temporary Cash Assistance (TANF), and supportive services for the most vulnerable Arizona children and their families, helping them become stabilized and build a bridge back to self-sufficiency.


Keogh is a community leader with well-honed expertise. Our Navigators and Management staff provide training programs and presentations for organizations and in some cases for consumers, on the Marketplace (The Affordable Care Act), AHCCCS (Medicaid), Community Health Centers and SNAP Nutrition Assistance.
To request a speaker please visit our contact page or call us at 602-266-0397.

Building Partnerships

We know we can’t do it all alone and recognize the importance of partnerships with like-minded, socially responsible organizations and companies. Right now, Keogh shares 30 sites in Maricopa County with those who feel as we do about filling this important need and have sponsored collaboration building luncheons bringing together the leadership of more than 40 non-profit organizations here in the valley.