We can only do this important work because of people like you who care.

9243img1Obtaining affordable health care is just one component that is so crucial for families on their path to becoming self-sufficient. Not only does Keogh Health Connection help people find health care but, by partnering with over 30 diverse community organizations, we connect them and their families with other services and resources such as food stamps, housing resources and clinics. So far, our efforts have touched over 200,000 lives.

But the needs are greater than
ever and it’s time to do more!

The 92.43 Club

9243img3We are asking you to give us a little help by joining the 92.43 Club. The 92.43 club is an annual membership that will enable Keogh Health Connection to include more people and provide more resources for underserved populations. This will allow us to offer additional resources like, transportation assistance to clinics, foodbanks, and other community services. We will also aid the Community Health Workers (CHW) who are on the front line helping the truly vulnerable population to access health services.

Please see the below link for more information and the story behind the 92.43 Club.